A short story of online casinos

online casinos

The emergence of online casinos is due to the company Microgaming, which developed the first platform for online gambling in 1994. Two years later, there were about 15 registered online gambling halls in cyberspace worldwide to offer Casino Chan Australia. More and more casino games migrated to virtual platforms. And already in the 1998s there was a significant increase in the number of online establishments, and a progressive slot was also developed and launched for the first time. In the same year, one of the most important events in the world of gambling took place – the first big casino online jackpot was won.

More and more people are interested in virtual games and are looking for a good provider. Casino games get not only a new look, but also a new meaning. Playing casino games has become more convenient and profitable. Gambling fans have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games without leaving home, and the presence of a bonus system allows them to increase their chances of winning. You just have to choose a reliable online casino Austria.

Nowadays, online casinos are not less in demand than land-based gambling halls. The constant improvement and development of new slot machines attracts the attention of everyone who wants to experience excitement and victories. Among the important aspects of online casino games are:

  • Live games
  • 3D graphics
  • VR technologies
  • Huge selection of games on one platform
  • The possibility to make a deposit using various modern methods
  • Bonus offers for loyalty, active playing, deposits.

Whether a player chooses the reputable German online casino or a brick-and-mortar gaming hall, he will be thrilled by today’s gaming offer. He will have a lot of fun with the gameplay as well as additional income.



According to their legal definition, games of chance are those games whose outcome depends solely on luck, not on one’s own skills or dexterity. Thus, classic lotteries in particular fall into this category. The gambling market in Germany, as part of the leisure market, is characterized by state regulation. The legal basis for the organization of games of chance is provided by the State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV) in conjunction with the respective gaming laws of the German states. In general, a distinction is made between the regulated market, i.e. games of chance licensed with a German concession such as Lotto or slot machines in arcades, and the non-regulated market, which includes online casinos or online poker.

The overall gaming market in Germany generated gross gaming revenues of around EUR 11.7 billion in 2020. Gross gaming revenues are derived from gaming stakes less winnings payouts. On the one hand, this key figure represents revenues from the perspective of providers, and on the other hand, net losses incurred by players. In the regulated market, gaming machines and the Lotto and Totoblock account for the largest share of gross gaming revenues. A total of 236,500 amusement machines were set up in Germany in 2019, around 86 percent of which had cash prizes. Revenues amounted to around five billion euros in the amusement machine industry in the operator sector. In the non-regulated gaming market, online casinos achieved the highest gross gaming revenue in 2020 with 477 million euros after sports and horse betting. This was followed by online secondary lotteries as well as online poker.

Most Germans took part in commercial games of chance in 2019, of which the majority played Lotto ‘6 out of 49’ and instant lotteries. Internet casino games or the use of gambling machines in casinos dominate among at least problem gamblers in Germany. For around 63 percent of Germans, winning money is the main motive for gambling. Other motives are excitement and sociability.

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