Poker Strategies

Poker Strategies

Many people believe that poker is all about luck and that there is no such thing as strategy in poker. Experienced players, however, will tell you otherwise. Despite the fact that luck is still a big part of the game, strategy still plays a major role. Luck plays a big role in the short run, while strategy is important in the long run and determines whether you can win money or not. So if you want to have a good experience with online and live poker, beginner’s luck won’t save you – strategy will.

Poker is easy to learn, but it takes a lot of work to master it. There are a number of strategies in poker that will test your psychological and mathematical abilities. Of course, you will get better tactically as you play and gain experience. However, as you develop your career in poker, you will also face better opponents and therefore you need to have more tactical tools at your disposal.

Strategies for Beginners

The right strategy in poker always depends on the situation you are in. Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to the game and keep an eye on the other players at the table. However, as a beginner who is already busy keeping an eye on his own hand, this can be difficult. Here it’s a good idea to start small, such as watching the player right behind you and those right before you, as these will most often be the players you’ll be involved in hands with. Find out if they are passive or aggressive in the game. The fact that a player is very active at the table and plays a lot of hands doesn’t necessarily mean that player has good hands. It may be a good idea to calle this type of player a little more, and challenge them to see how they react.

Position is a very important part of both online and live poker, and is one of the things that new players most often overlook the importance of. When the dealer button is in front of you, you have a better position than everyone else at the table since you have to act last in the hand. You will therefore always have information about what the other players have done before it is your turn. The next best situation is to the right of the button and then around to the small blind.

Live Poker Tips

Live Poker Tips

Live poker Hold’em is easy to understand and can provide good rewards for the player. By learning sensible live poker strategies, players can both have fun and improve their chances at the same time. Here are a few poker strategies and tips you can take with you when playing live poker.

The house advantage

In live dealer Texas Hold’em, you can reduce the house advantage to 0.82% if you use an optimal strategy. To begin with, you will often need the help of an online calculator to give you the best strategy. Over time, your experience will grow and it will all come down to your backbone.

The right decisions

The right decisions

You should generally avoid folding hands where you have an open straight draw, flush draw, a king, an ace, or a pair. You should also almost never fold a hand with a gutshot straight draw or queen high. The same is usually true for jack high. However, you should always fold a hand with very low cards and that has not hit the table in some way.

There aren’t that many choices when it comes to live Hold’em. One option you do have, however, is AA+ side bets. The payoff from this depends on the value of your hand after the flop is dealt. Your payout will be higher if you have a good hand created in combination with the flop, such as a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush.


When a Live Casino offers a bonus with Live Hold’em, it will give you an extra boost when you start playing. Normally, a deposit will give a corresponding cash bonus. For example, you can get a matching bonus of up to $1,000. To get the most out of it, you need to deposit 1000 crowns, after which you will receive the same in the form of a bonus. Once you have met the conditions for the bonus, you can withdraw your winnings.

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